How to get a portrait

20930606351_c91fc56375_oPainting a portrait is a work-intensive and time consuming activity. In order to have your portrait painted, we need to agree on a size, materials and more or less what the “spirit” of the portrait will be (although I might say this largely depends on you).

A minimum of two seatings is necessary. The first seating will take one hour. The second seating may take two hours.

A portrait is forever (remember some portraits will last for _literally_ hundreds of years!), so we might want to get it right.

Basically I use two techniques: oil on canvas and oil on wooden board. The former is more time consuming than the latter. Painting on wooden board is easier, but we still do not know how the painting will age. In short, it is an untested material. Portraits on canvas are sure to last very long, although the conditions in which the painting is hung will determine its longevity (direct sun, for example, will change the colours, and humidity may ruin the canvas).

Because of all those things, prices can vary a lot. Write to me in order to get an idea of how much a portrait may cost.

If you want to have someone else’s portrait painted, we might have to work with photographs. This is possible, but the seatings really help getting the portrait just right.